the most productive thing ive done today is make my bed.

I had these random stomach cramps last night that resulted in dreams involving me being labor. 

No thanks.

morning thoughts

- I only watched the eclipse because I woke up from a nightmare drenched in sweat. Grody.

- I accept that the world is full of mean assholes, but I’m just extra tired of it lately.

- my old best friend sent me a message last night. I made a post about it but I deleted it. Don’t ask why. I don’t know. Anyway, it was kind of nice to read. Out of the blue apologies are more fun when you’re the one receiving them.

- Harper had a fever last night. She seems fine this morning. Strange.

- someone needs to drag me out of bed.

I can tell I’m from the Bible Belt when people I don’t even know commented on my Facebook post about Harper’s ghost drawing saying they will pray for her.

It’s just a picture y’all damn

Going through some of harpers drawings from this morning and saw this.
Harper has been saying she has a ghost in her room for a while.

She drew the ghost in her window while she was sleeping.

That is creepy.

Art journal - circles

(This is what happens when you listen to a lot of incubus while brainstorming)

can i have it

I’m following Will’s art journal prompts and it’s proving to be challenging.

But here is the first one - Space

National Siblings Day, huh?

There is not one single time in my life that I have had all of them in one room. Not even the ones from my dad’s side. We’ve always been missing at least one person. 

Also, there is only two pictures of me with my dad ever. The top left is one. I look weird.
(Fun fact: the sister in between my dad and i in the first picture were really good friends when we were little, but we didn’t know we were sisters. I didn’t find that out until I was 17.)

And I included my sister in law on the bottom right because I love her.


11 AM - Incubus

Twelve PM and my dusty telephone rings
Heavy head up from my pillow, who could it be?
I hope it’s you