I had a dream I was pregnant.
I woke up wanting a baby.

What is happening to me

It’s far easier to let people think I am a lazy piece of shit than it is to explain the severity of my social anxiety.

Kenley took Harp to church this morning. I promised myself I would be as lazy as possible during my time alone. 

but then I deep cleaned the whole house. I’m not very good at following my own instructions.


Why is Age Aint Nothing But A Number the only Aaliyah album that spotify has?

This is an important question.

my music playlist gets even more embarrassing when I’ve been drinking.

i spoke to my mom tonight for real for the first time in six months and it makes me feel weird.

there is really one emotion that I am good at and it’s anger. i should probably learn how to embrace the others.

I kind of regret telling kenley I was cool with him going over to a friends house to hang out because I’m pretty much a big ball of emotion and being alone makes me feel restless.

Art Journal - Tight Spaces

I threw away 4 other ideas. I gave up and tried a simple route. Whateva. It’s done. On to the next one.

We missed the easter egg hunt on base this morning. So, Harper opened her easter basket early and we had a hunt at home.


Harper and her BFF, Shawn. (at Sopa Thai Cuisine)